CFDD series


Hidroliksan C type Deep Drawing Presses, which are produced up to 250 tons capacity, can be made up to a certain size of a table, although they are standard. This is because the frame is in the form of C. Because of its shape, the space in the frame increases and this causes the frame to flex. After a certain table size, we offer H type presses to our customers.

This type of press is preferred for deep drawing processes with small molds as it takes up less space in production. In addition, the ejector roller placed in the top table for the work that requires the ejector makes the product easier and quicker to remove after the drawing process is finished.

High precision processed frame and table provide our customers to receive precise products in their production.


  • Chrome Plated Cylinder
  • Steel Welded Frame
  • HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Safeyt Cover and Light Barrier
  • Two Hand Button Control
  • Adjustable Variable Pressure on HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Adjustable Stroke on HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Adjustable Variable Speed on HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Air Cooling
  • T-Slotted Table
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty


Ejector Cylinder

C-Frame deep drawing presses
Technical FeaturesCFDD 30CFDD 60CFDD 100CFDD 150CFDD 200CFDD 250
Capacity (Ton)3060100150200250
Table Size500 x 500500 x 500800 x 500900 x 600900 x 6001000 x 600
Stroke (mm)400400400400400400
Day light (mm)600600600600600600
Motor power (kW)7,57,511111515
Pump (litres)222226406464
Down speed (mm/s)100100100110125125
Return speed (mm/s)150150160150180180
Working speed (mm/s)1010108108
Cushion stroke (mm)102030506080
Pot Stroke (Cushion stroke) (mm)150150150150150150
Length (mm)150015001600210021002100
Width (mm)140014001700180018001900
Height (mm)260026002930340034003600
Weight (kg)250035005500120001300014000