Laser cutting machines

Laser cutting machines are machines used for precision cutting of various metals. As the production needs of companies vary widely, the range of laser cutting machines also includes machines with a wide variety of features.

Laser cutting machines are used in a wide range of industries because of their high capacity and the wide variety of functionalities they offer to cope with more complex cuts. Laser cutters cut mild and stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and many more. and are therefore an indispensable part of a wide range of industries. Laser equipment ensures clean cuts and precise finishing. In addition, the machines can have very different cutting capacities to process materials of different thicknesses.

How do laser cutting machines work?

In a nutshell, laser cutters use a focused laser beam to cut. In this way, they are able to cut a variety of patterns and shapes into materials. In addition, the machine can easily finish complex components.

To explain in more detail, laser cutting machines work as follows:

  • The laser beam used for cutting is generated by diodes.
  • Fiber lasers (fibre lasers) use semiconductor diodes, the best light source for the emission of active fibres.
  • The beams formed in the laser module are guided in a fibre cable to the cutting head without power loss.
  • To cut the material, the laser light is directed to the cutting head.

CNC systems in laser cutting machines

Nowadays, the vast majority of laser cutting benches use computer numerical control, more commonly known as CNC. CNC automated benches achieve perfect results by making flawless cuts. The system controls and directs the laser beam to achieve the desired shape, size and thickness of the component. The CNC system saves the company manpower, energy and time.

What are the advantages of a laser cutting machine?

The main advantage of Durma machines is their high accuracy and high production speed. In addition, Durma equipment can be used to cut a wide range of metal materials.
Another main advantage of laser equipment is the versatility of applications. The stacks can be used to cut and shape metal of different thicknesses. The different cutting functionalities range from retail product design to industrial components.
The Durma laser cutting machine also increases your production capabilities and capacity. This makes your business more independent from other companies, for example you do not need to outsource precision cutting services. In addition, your production will increase because the laser cutters will run continuously, even under difficult industrial conditions and high workloads.

What is Durma technology?

  • Durma laser cutting machines are robust. They work flawlessly for many long and productive years. Durma’s R&D team is constantly working to ensure that the equipment is the best choice on the market.
  • Reinforced state-of-the-art frame design, special alloy bridge design combined with solid geometry construction and manufacturing techniques allow Durma fiber lasers to maintain their accuracy and durability for many years.
  • The company never compromises on the quality, efficiency and performance of the machines and systems it develops. All the mechanical and pneumatic systems of the laser cutters (fibre lasers) are designed by qualified and experienced engineers in R&D centres.

How to choose the right laser cutting machine for your company?

When choosing the right machine for your needs, answer the following questions:

  • What type of metal do you cut?
  • What kind of metal do you cut? What type of metal do you cut?
  • How strong (powerful) does your machine need to be? What kind of metal are you cutting?

How strong is the material you want to cut? What thickness and what kind of material do you need to cut? The type of material you need and how strong is your machine? What kind of material should the machine be?

Proper analysis may be needed to find the right machine. Check the after-sales services offered by the laser cutting machine supplier. Compare and contrast your different options.

Important considerations when buying a laser cutting machine:

  • Maintenance team: if and how will you find the support you need if you have problems with the machine? How will you find the support and service you need? Nordcity Center has a maintenance team of 8, one of the largest in the Baltics and Scandinavia.
  • Size: what are your production needs? Do you need a larger or smaller laser cutter? How adaptable is the machine to your specific needs?
  • Power: what could be the laser resonator power of your machine? Do you need a very powerful machine? Typically, you need more power for a thicker and faster cut.

Why should you choose Durma and Nordcity Center?

With Durma machines, you will overcome any obstacles and challenges you face. Nordcity Center is with you every step of the way. We know that your growth is our growth and your success is our success. Durma builds machines that are durable, flexible and innovative. Durma’s cutting-edge technology gives you clear results, fast and perfect.

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