Notching machines and polishers

Notching and polishing

Notching is a cutting-related metalworking process that involves the use of a die press to selectively cut unwanted material from the outer edges of a workpiece. After fixing the workpiece in place, the perforator cuts off the unwanted material from its outer edges using a cutting tool. The end result is a smaller workpiece with a different shape.

Embossing offers a wide range of advantages, one of which is the ability to create complex shapes. The workpiece takes the shape of the die and die tool set used in the process. Therefore, manufacturing companies can create complex and uniquely shaped workpieces by using the right die and die tool set.

In addition to supporting complex shapes, a notch can be made on almost any material. Whether the workpiece is made of aluminum, stainless steel, high carbon steel, titanium or alloy, it is likely to have notches. Some manufacturing companies prefer notching over other metalworking processes because it can be used to machine a wide variety of materials.

A polishing machine is used to polish soft metals, including copper and brass, as well as plastics such as perspex. The two mops rotate at high speed when the machine is started. If the material is carefully pressed against the mop and moved back and forth, it will be polished. The material must be filed to remove scratches, and wet and dry paper or emery cloth must be used to further smooth the surfaces. Only then can it be polished on a polishing machine.

Nordcity Center OÜ offers notching machines and polishers for pipe processing from the Turkish manufacturer Cesurbend. The manufacturer’s equipment is used for processing hospital equipment, furniture, agricultural equipment, park and garden equipment, shipping, construction, automotive industry, food industry, heating and cooling, etc.

Explore our range of polishing and notching machines and contact our experts if you have any questions. We can help you find the right device to suit your company’s needs!

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