PN-76-2 scoring

Cesurbend PN 76-2 Notching Machine

Charge to easily ability to open suitable dovetails according to the pipe and tube diameters with the help of processing drum.
Ability to tighten and loosen the parts quickly as a result of moving clamp.
Ability to opening dovetails up to 60.
With hinged lid at the top of the machine grinding bearded materials facilities.
Double-sided fence with a measurement accuracy of the system.
Double Grinding Area
Double speed motor
Bi-Directional motor

    Technical information
    Model PN 76 – 2
    Capacity (mm) 20-76
    Engine Power (kW-d/dk) 3-2800
    Mandrel Diameters (Ø) 25-32-42-48-51-60-76
    Abrasive Dimension (mm) 2000 x 100
    Machine Weight(kg) 190
    Machine Length (mm) 1000
    Machine Width (mm) 500
    Machine Height (mm) 1100

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