Water cutting machines

Nordcity Center offers water cutters from the Italian manufacturer CMS Spa.

Waterjet cutting is a method of processing objects using a high-velocity density and ultra-high-pressure water jet to cut components. The water is monitored to a better 392 MPa (about 4000 atmospheres) and projected from a small orifice nozzle (Φ0.1 mm) onto a shallow object.

Water cutting has several advantages:

No heat is emitted during processing, because water jet cutting is a non-contact processing method. The object is not touched by drills or other tools.
There are no restrictions on the objects to be processed, because the cutting is done with very little, very high pressure water and very little water remains on the cutting surface.
Cutting is possible in any shape, from any point. Cutting is possible for both three-dimensional bodies and two-dimensional shapes.
Environmental friendly. No dust is generated, so the water cut does not affect the workers or the environment. In addition, it can only be done with water and sand (or abrasive materials).

CMS (Costruzion Machine Special) was created in 1969. The company produces CNC benches and systems for processing various tools – composite, formation, aluminum, light alloys, plastic, glass, stone and metals.

In recent years, many investments have been made in the digitalization of services related to machines and systems. Over 10,000 CMS-branded machining centers have been built at the two production sites in Zogno, Bergamo province, which are now operating in the production departments of the world’s leading companies.

Water cutters are indispensable in many areas. CMS water cutting equipment is used in aviation, automotive industry, Formula 1, marine, furniture and optical industry, wind turbine production, construction, building architectural and interior design special solutions.

If you have any questions about the water cutters for sale or the water cutting process, feel free to contact our experts. Together we will find a suitable water cutter for your company.

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