Bending machines

Bending machine AD-SERVO

The AD-SERVO series of sheet metal bending machines are specifically designed to increase your company’s productivity and bend the most accurate parts possible. Traditional machines consume 30% of the production cost in energy, but the AD-SERVO series bending machines have significantly lower energy consumption. In addition, AD-SERVO bending machines use tensioning technology, which gives the machine a precise frame with a long service life.

What are the advantages of the Durma AD-SERVO bending machine?

The Durma AD-SERVO bending machine is characterized by high precision. This high precision ensures 60% higher productivity with 72% lower energy consumption. To take into account the increase in energy costs, we have equipped the AD-SERVO with cost-effective variable speed drives. The machine has been designed with efficiency and efficient and uninterrupted production in mind. In addition, variable speed solutions have been used to ensure the efficiency of the machine. The noise level of the machine has also been reduced. In addition, the unit allows for position and pressure adjustment. The AD-SERVO press brakes are equipped with an open/closed hydraulic system and a 4-quadrant function. Durma AD-SERVO bending presses comply with CE safety standards and are designed for safety and durability.

Specific features of AD-SERVO bending machine technology:

Bending machine equipment:

  • Servo motor,
  • Hydraulic motor pump (4-quadrant function),
  • Servo-drive controller Indra-Drive C with software,
  • Indra-Drive-Controller (Indra-Drive-Controller with software),
  • Power supply (oil tank, optional),
  • Flap block,
  • Pre-press valve,

Machine features:

  • High sensitivity,
  • High sensitivity,
  • Highly accurate linear scales.

Electric bending machine AD-ES

Durma’s environmentally friendly electric sheet metal bending machine AD-ES is available in different sizes. The width of the worktable can be from 1250 mm to 2500 mm. The machine can be adapted to the customer’s dimensions. Different sizes are also possible according to the customer’s requirements. The machine frame is welded. Tight and efficient machining technologies avoid the generation of excessive waste. The AD-ES electric bending machine’s reducer drive system, precise screw shaft, and high-torque robust bearing cylinder ensure precise bending results.

What are the advantages of the Durma AD-ES electric bending machine?

Thanks to the easy-to-use control unit, stable body construction, perfect design, low operating costs, a wide range of tooling options, and maximum safety standards, Durma bending machines are the best in the world in their segment. Durma bending machines are fast, efficient, and modern. Durma AD-ES electric press brakes feature: aluminum backrest systems, sheet front feeds, precision hydraulics, Durma licensed top table sliding system, Euro-type punch holders, high speed and high stroke length Y1-Y2 bending axis, and CE safety standards.

The Durma AD-ES electric bending machine is designed with efficiency and environmental sustainability in mind. It delivers 17% higher productivity with 40% less energy consumption. The AD-ES electric sheet metal bender stands out from the rest for its precision, high performance, and elegant design. It has been specially designed for low energy consumption. The machine’s latest technology and equipment is a simplified drive unit. Fewer components allow easy and quick assembly. The design of the machine ensures easy operation and maintenance.

Durma electric bending machine AD-ES technology

AD-ES bending machine equipment:

  • Complete belt and pulley system,
  • Top worktable suitable for EURO/Wila type tools,
  • Solid frame construction for long life and high performance,
  • For a safer working environment,
  • Servo motors for high speed and accuracy,
  • Ball screw and nut connection for excellent power and motion transmission,
  • Robust rear support system and rigid aluminum AP1-AP2 frame, high mobility and aluminum cage system,
  • CE safety standards.

Electric bending machine AD-EB

The AD-EB series of electric bending machines allows working table widths from 2550 mm to 3050 mm. The machines have a maximum bending capacity of 135 tonnes. Durma offers different sizes of AD-EB electric bending benches depending on your production needs. The frame of the machine is welded, and stressed and efficient machining technologies avoid the generation of excessive waste. Durma bending presses ensure accurate bending results thanks to a reducer drive system, precise transmission mechanism, belt clamping, robust high-torque bearing cylinder, and press brakes. The AD-EB electric sheet metal bending machine is environmentally friendly. The machine does not require hydraulic oil and therefore does not generate oil waste. Thanks to the belt design, the transmission force is distributed and energy efficiency is achieved without the need for an external displacement compensation system.

What are the advantages of the AD-EB electric bending machine?

  • Intelligent energy consumption thanks to the electric servo system,
  • Precise belt and wheel system,
  • Correct bending at every point of the machine,
  • There is no need for a displacement compensation system thanks to the lower work table with slides,
  • Low maintenance costs.

Durma electric bending machine AD-EB technology

Thanks to the robust bearing wheel system, the precise transmission mechanism, the reducer drive system, and the electric servo motors without the need for hydraulic oil, Durma AD-EB bending machines guarantee excellent results.

Hydraulic bending machine AD-S

The AD-S hydraulic bending machine bends your parts accurately and correctly. Durma offers the world’s best bending bench with easily programmable control, stable frame construction, excellent design, low operating costs, a wide range of options, and maximum safety standards. Durma bending presses are manufactured from proven quality components. The frame of the machine is designed to be stress-relieved to ensure accurate operation for many years.

What are the advantages of the Durma AD-S hydraulic bending machine?

The Durma AD-S hydraulic sheet metal bending press ensures accurate bending results in a short time. The advanced technology minimizes tool change and adjustment time. The AD-S is designed for maximum speed and safety. It has the perfect components to ensure accuracy. The AD-S series bending machines are designed with high technology to increase the efficiency of precise bending of parts. Every Durma component is quality-controlled. We supply you with a machine designed for long life and accurate bending.

In addition, Durma’s rugged back gauge systems ensure high accuracy, safe movement, and impact resistance. The AD-S bending bench is accurate and robust. Each point is adjustable. The AD-S is reliable and maintenance-free.

Durma bending machine AD-S technology:

  • Higher quality and faster bending,
  • Better quality and faster bending,
  • High sensitivity,
  • More accurate and faster presses, high sensitivity, repeatability,
  • Low maintenance costs

Hydraulic bending bench PBF

The Durma PBF hydraulic bending bench has been developed with the customer in mind. The compact design allows for higher-quality bending results with shorter stroke lengths. The PBF bending machine’s low initial investment and minimal maintenance costs allow high profits to be made. The PBF hydraulic bending machine is the ideal machine and the most economical solution. It is efficient and designed to ensure accurate bending. The machine has been developed with the expertise of engineers at Durma’s R&D center, whose tireless innovation is geared towards achieving excellent results.

What are the benefits of the PBF hydraulic bending machine?

The PBF bending machine will serve your business without compromising quality for many years to come thanks to its fast, productive, and efficient design, which does not require a long stroke length and has minimal maintenance costs.

The PBF hydraulic bending pins are characterized by:

  • Rigid frame construction,
  • A rigid, rigid construction with a rigid bearing,
  • X-axis limiter system and optional rear-axle limiter system.
  • The front axle, with optional adjustable front axle and optional optional rear axle suspension,
  • Precision hydraulic system,
  • Leaf front systems,
  • Various types of matrix holders,
  • Efficient, fast, and perfect bending results.

PBF hydraulic bending machine technology

In the PBF hydraulic sheet metal bending press, the turning efficiency is increased by a high-level European form clamping system. The easy-to-use narrow Z-table and the worktable designed for European-type tool holders feature:

  • European-type form-fastening system
  • European type bottom tool – 4 V channel.
  • Durma Multi V bottom tool
  • Quick Die fastening system

In addition, the machine is equipped with the DT-15 control unit. The DT-15 control unit has been developed with user-friendliness in mind. This control features tandem connectivity, language selectors, ergonomic panel design, and a 10″ TFT color touch screen with USB input. In addition:

  • Automatic generation of bend list,
  • Optional automatic adjustment of the number of presses,
  • 2D color graphics and various simulations with the Linux operating system,
  • Offline software D-Bend.

Offline software D-Bend allows you to simulate the bending process behind the office desk. It also allows you to create new programs without interrupting production to create tools. D-Bend validates your bending sequence and generates controlled detail drawings for laser, punching, and plasma machines.

PBF hydraulic bending machine

  • Is economical,
  • Provides high sensitivity,
  • It is economical, with high sensitivity. Ensures higher quality and faster turning,
  • High repeatability,
  • Ensures low maintenance costs.

PBM profile press

The bending bench is used for bending all types of metal profiles. There are different types of bending machines; sheet metal bending presses, hydraulic and mechanical profile bending presses, and pipe bending presses. A profile press is generally a pipe press used for bending tubular parts. They are mainly used for bending pipes. Profile bending jigs are preferred for their accuracy and practicality.

The Durma PBM is fast and reliable to use thanks to its solid steel construction and motor system. It is user-friendly thanks to its sturdy platen rollers. The Durma PBM is environmentally friendly. It has been developed with low energy consumption in mind. With the PBM profile bending machine, you achieve precise bending results.

What are the advantages of PBM bending machines?

Durma’s PBM bending machine equipment ensures fast and energy-efficient operation. The pipe bending machine ensures maximum flexibility and bending performance. Durma technology has been developed for optimal alignment of the profile bending machine. This achieves the best-bending quality with minimum profile deformation. Durma PBM is an energy-efficient, easy-to-use, and robust bending bench.

The PBM is characterized by large shaft diameters and strong bearings. This minimizes the failure rate. Accurate and correct bending is achieved thanks to the hardened and special steel plate rollers. Mechanical side supports ensure a long service life of the machine. In addition, it has a cast-iron frame and a control panel that moves independently of the machine. The PBM with brake motor ensures safety. In addition, a platen press, a digital display, special platen rollers, and special angle support are available as options to facilitate your production. Durma understands your diverse needs and works tirelessly to deliver innovation to our customers.

PBH profile press

Profile bending presses are machines used to bend a workpiece/metal profile. Bending presses are used to bend and form metal for all production needs. There are different types of bending presses; sheet metal bending presses, hydraulic and mechanical profile bending presses, and tube bending presses. Profile presses are generally used for bending tubes. They are mainly used for bending pipes. Profile bending jigs are preferred because of their accuracy and practicality.

The Durma PBH is a state-of-the-art bending machine that is energy-efficient, reliable, and durable. The Durma PBH is designed to minimize cycle times and is characterized by high drive torque. This adds value to your business and ensures durability. The PBH is fast, reliable, and efficient. In addition, it is environmentally friendly. Its user-friendly interface saves you time and energy.

What are the advantages of the PBH profile press?

The PBH profile extrusion press is ideal for locations where the production line depends on repetitive production. The Durma PBH profile extrusion press is fast and easy to use. It is equipped with robust curved rollers that ensure accurate results. The high torque robust drive system is designed for optimum results. The Durma PBH profiling press has robust shafts and rollers, a side support system, a touch screen, and an NC control system. In addition, the PBH is energy efficient and reduces your energy costs.

The PBH is a versatile machine. Using the Durma PBH is fast, accurate, and easy. The machine’s strong curved rollers and low energy consumption ensure the best results. The high torque, robust drive system will meet your production needs. The machine is equipped with strong shafts and rollers and a side support system. In addition, it has an easy-to-use touchscreen and NC control system. The Durma PBH profile extrusion press minimizes cycle times thanks to the drive’s high torque and optimized hydraulic system.

When you need durability, reliability, and accurate results, the PBH profiling press will serve you for many productive years.

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