Multifunctional machining centers

Equipment for mechanical processing of metals
The Nordcity Center product range includes universal milling machines from Bulgaria and Trens for the mechanical processing of metals. For more complex work, horizontal and carousel milling machines from manufacturers Toshulin and UNISIGN.

Most milling machines are CNC numerically controlled and designed for the machining of complex parts. Milling machine is a stationary machine used mainly for the processing and molding of wood and metal. Milling machine removes the unnecessary from the processed component to obtain the desired final product. Traditional milling machines are controlled by the operator manually.

The CNC milling machine is similar in capacity to the conventional milling machine, but the production process is carried out using a software program. CNC machines have many advantages. The necessary workforce must perform tasks that require less knowledge/skills, such as loading raw materials into the machine, running the program and inspecting the final product.

Secondly, we have a wide selection of turning machines. We offer turning machines from the selection of UNISIGN. The equipment is mainly divided into vertical and horizontal turning machines. Most turning machines are CNC numerically controlled, fully automated machining centers.

Turning machine is a type of machine for removing material from the processed part using rotating cutters. These machines can drill and cut a variety of materials. The process of removing pieces of material with the tool axis is called turning, and so the machines used in the process are called turning machines. There are several types of turning machines and they are used in different industries. Milling and turning machines are quite similar in their process and have similar results, but milling machines turn the object to be processed, and turning machines hold the component to be processed in place by means of screws or attachments.

In the case of multifunctional milling and turning centers, the functions of milling and turning meet in one universal machine, allowing the machining of complex components using multiple technologies.

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