Deburring machines

Deburring machines

Deburring machines process thermal and mechanical burrs, which have been created as a result of various cutting processes, stamping or plasma cutting. In other words, it is about removing/rounding sharp edges.

When shearing or bending forces are applied, the material can be deformed. Areas along the edges become bent, elongated, or protruding. These extensions and protrusions appear at the cut edges, especially on the front, sides, and back of the component. Crater formation and size are difficult to predict and quantify. Thus, determining the deburring efficiency is a very empirical work and is based on several production trials before manufacturers put the deburring machine on sale.

Deburring remains an integral part of the manufacturing process for the following reasons:

  • Burrs prevent the parts from fitting and assembling
  • Components are more susceptible to problems and cracks due to scratches, where wear problems start
  • Corrosion occurs easily on cracks and worn surfaces
  • Burrs can cause health problems for workers and end users
  • Burrs reduce the aesthetic appeal of the part
  • The quality of the edge greatly affects the form, performance and service life of the product. Burrs and raised edges affect the correct fit and assembly of machine parts. This is critical for precision components used in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries. In addition to a proper fit, contact parts such as gears, rollers, and other sliding surfaces can collide and be damaged by burrs.

Burr – edge protruding from the surface of a part or processed metal (ÕS 2018)

The devices work with an abrasive belt and brushes.

It is also possible to add a feed conveyor to the equipment, which significantly speeds up mass production.

CMS is available for both dry and wet grinding. With the device based on the wet principle, you can give the details a high gloss and polish them more thoroughly.

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