CMS DMC Metal System Dry deburring finishing machine for metals

Represents a heavy-duty solution dedicated to the medium and large end user, as well as dedicated contractors, who are required to combine productivity, reliability and flexibility due to the ever changing work orders. In a single pass the machine is able to: eliminate any burr produced by the cutting process efficiently remove sharp edges all while creating a radius deburr and radius holes of small dimensions efficiently removes oxide generated while cutting, whether from the outer perimeter of the piece or the inner circumference of the hole



    • operating unit with large diameter contact roller
    • planetary unit equipped with rotating disc brushes
    • oscillating unit equipped with rotating disc brushes
    • vacuum table for processing small pieces, with in-built electric fan located in the machine frame
    • working table at fixed height from floor for either stand alone or to be inserted in through-feed automatic lines
    • machine controlled by  “Hydra PC” with 17” touch-screen

    Excellent results for deburring, oxide removal and producing non-directional scratch thanks to the exclusive planetary unit which uses a gear box transmission that allows for independent speed rotation control of the brush discs as well as the planetary main discs.

    Quick change-over time for the replacement of the brush discs thanks to the quick disconnect spindle shaft system that allows for a fast and easy set-up of the machine for any type of application while allowing for the maximum safety due to the locking system.

    Extremely reliable and noiseless motor power transmission, even during the most extreme processing conditions, thanks to the multi-grooved Poli-V belts along with the self-tensioning belt device.

    A NEW GENERATION OF WORKING GROUP – THE PLANETARY UNIT An exclusive planetary unit using gears, with brush rotation speed independent of the planetary discs speed thus guaranteeing the best results for deburring, oxide removal, as well as general finishing.
    QUICK ABRASIVE DISC REPLACEMENT SYSTEM The conical coupling system allows the operator to change the abrasives of the planetary unit for any kind of application while at the same time providing the maximum safety thanks to the unique locking system.
    MODULAR STRUCTURES FOR MAXIMUM CUSTOMIZATION Dmc Metal System is available with base structures capable of holding up to 10 working units in order to perfectly perform any deburring or graining application. The modular structure of the machine along with the newly designed working units (each incorporating its own electronic and pneumatic elements) allows for maximum flexibility within the machine in order to meet the changing needs of production. In fact any single working unit can be replaced quickly and economically (or simply swapping the position inside the machine).
    TRANSMISSION SYSTEM DRIVEN BY POLI-V BELTS The utilization of multi-groove belts with a self-tensioning system ensures an extremely powerful, efficient and silent transmission, even in the most extreme processing conditions.


    Technical data
    Type of processing dry
    Working width mm 1350
    Min/Max working thickness mm 0,6 ÷ 170
    Abrasive belt width mm 1370
    Abrasive belt length mm 2620
    Working table height (from floor) mm 900

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