Durma guillotines are world class.

From Durma’s selection of 4 different series of guillotines, you can find more than 30 devices with different parameters and options.

Metal guillotines are designed to cut sheet metal into smaller, more manageable sheets, which are then further processed so that the sheet metal can be part of a machine component or end product.

The guillotines we offer have excellent cutting performance and work results are always accurate. The machines achieve cuts with straight edges and minimal distortion. Using the Durma guillotine ensures absolute efficiency and consistent, top-notch results.

The sheet metal plates cut by the equipment are high-quality and durable.

Durma metal guillotines can easily cut any type of metal, achieving the desired dimensions every time. Also, the equipment offered is safe to work with when used by experienced professionals.

Since 1956, the Durma factory has been producing reliable, precise, efficient and economical metal processing equipment. Durma is the world’s leading machine manufacturer and also the world market leader for metalworking machines. The manufacturer’s product range covers all the most important areas of metal processing: bending, cutting, stamping and processing of profile materials. The standard equipment of the equipment is very rich, and the additional equipment provides many opportunities for production automation and storage.

Durma exports its products to 82 countries worldwide. The area of ​​the factory premises is 150,000 square meters and there are more than 1,000 employees. Consistently working to ensure the highest standards of metalworking equipment.

Durma is a provider of very broad spectrum solutions. Durma offers the best quality service and spare parts, customer support and training, in addition to spare parts ready for immediate delivery.

In case of any questions regarding our metal guillotines, please feel free to contact us!

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