RPC 1200

HGG Beam Cutting Machine RPC 1200

The RPC 1200 Beam Cutting Machine is a plasma cutting machine and the most advanced and productive one on the market today. The RPC sets a new standard by offering an entire fab shop in a single machine.

Include Edge Breaking

Next to the cutting an Edge Rounding Line can be used in tandem with the RPC, providing 2 mm radii to all edges. This eliminates the need for tedious and time consuming grinding work.

Parts that Fit

Materials have various deformations: angled flanges, non-straight surfaces and varying radii. The RPC uses a triangulation scan of the actual material and corrects it before the cutting. This results in unparalleled processing speeds along with accurate cut results.

Free form

It is difficult to predict all fabrication work for years in advance. That’s why the RPC 1200 is equipped with a free form module, which identifies colliding members and their individual contact points. It then compiles them into shapes ready to be cut by the robot.



    100x100mm – 600x400mm (3.9×3.9″ – 23.6×15.7″) 100x50mm – 1100x400mm (3.9×2″ – 43.3×15.7″) 620x430mm – 1220x430mm (3.7×1″ – 48×16.9″) 95x55mm – 1220x430mm (3.7×2.2″ – 48×16.9″) 100x50mm – 1100x400mm (3.9×2″ – 43.3×15.7″) 75x75mm – 550x550mm (3×3″ – 21.7×21.7″) 12t

    Here is a selection of profiling shapes for realizing connections on an H-beam, angle bar equal, T-bar, channel, angle bar unequal and box section.

    Beam end cuts

    To connect a beam to an intersecting beam or a node

    Beam cut-outs

    To make room for colliding parts

    Beam holes

    To cut bolted holes

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