HGG SPC 660-1200 RB

HGG Pipe Cutting Line; roller bed type with floating chuck SPC 660-1200 RB

The SPC 660–1200 chuck-type Pipe Cutting Line combines the roller bed principle for an uninterrupted material flow, while controlling the rotation of the material with a floating chuck registering linear displacement.

    Continuous material flow

    This SPC 660–1200 RB combines a continuous material flow with extreme accuracy. The material is loaded to the infeed buffer table, the material lengths are fed into the cutting area. The finished parts are then fed out to the outfeed buffer tables for further processing.

    Perfect cutting shapes

    Instead of using extreme force to keep the material in its place, linear movement is measured and compensated on-the-fly. The mix between the advanced mechanical design and the controls managing the CNC axis result in highly accurate cuts each and every time.

    CAD to machine

    Using data that has already been entered into a CAD model is even more important. The SPC 660–1200 RB is equipped with an in-house developed software suite, allowing interface with any design system generating NC data files.

    SPC 660 RB 48 – 660 mm (2 – 26″) 8t
    SPC 1200 RB 75 – 1225 mm (3 – 48″) 12t

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