Herber 76 CNCTB Booster bending machine

The Herber four axis booster bending machine models 76– 90 and 127 CNC TB with capacity OD 63 x 5 mm, 90 x 5 and 127 x 5 mm. Complete equipped for coil bending with radie down to 1 x D.

    Programmable speed- and pressure setting of the booster unit.
    Individually programmable speed and acceleration/retardation
    of each axis.
    Laser scanner for clamp jaw and pressure die.
    Programmable tolerance range of each separate axis.
    Standard components from well-known european manufacturers.

    Online connection with CAD system or measuring machine.
    Customized software.
    Macro programming.
    Automatic tube magazine with automatic tube loading.
    CNC-control system.
    The control system works with 4 individually programmable axes.
    Tube rotation.
    Length feeding.
    Booster pressure/speed.

    The CNC-system is a close loop system which does not allow the machine to continue before previous movement has reached its programmed position. To optimise the accuracy and speed of the machine the degree of tolerance is programmable. Normal programmed tolerance is ±0,05-0,1

    Technical specifications/Herber 76/90/127 CNC TB
    76 CNC TB 90 CNC TB 127 CNC TB
    Capacity, Ø mm 63 x 5 90 x 5 127 x 5
    Radius, min/max 40/200 50/250 80/320
    Radius difference ˗ ˗ ˗
    Bending speed/repeatability 40º/s. ±0,1° 60º/s. ±0,1° 24º/s. ±0,1°
    Length of mandrel 3000 4000 4000
    Weight, kg 7000 10000 17000
    Machine dimensions 6,7 x 1,7 x 1,8 7,0 x 2,2 x 1,4 7,0 x 2,2 x 1,8
    Motor kW 32 40 40
    Length feeding 900 mm/sec 900 mm/sec 900 mm/sec
    Tolerance range 0,05–0,1°/mm 0,05–0,1°/mm 0,05–0,1°/mm
    Standard components conform to VDMA, ISO and DIN standards.

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