Tube bending machine Herber 1800S

1800s is the latest addition to our supply of tube bending machines. An All-Electric 3-inch machine, build for optimal performance. The 1800S is built upon solid Herber Engineering technology and the machine comes together with our intuitive “Herber HMI 2021” for easy-to-use operation. The 1800s is a high-performance machine in a compact design, that performs with unparalleled speed and power. The perfect machine for true 3-inch applications.

 For you who is using an earlier model of 3-inch machine from Herber today, all your existing tooling fits 1 to 1 on the 1800S!

    Technical specification Herber 2400 S
    Bend Torque 18 000 Nm
    Maximum capacity in steel tubes at max yield 400 N / mm² 76×2,5 Ø mm
    Maximum capacity in steel tubes at max yield 500 N / mm² 76×2 Ø mm
    Max bending resistance, machine capacity Wb at 400 N / mm² Level 1 and 2 9,5 cm³
    Max tube diameter / Max mandrel diameter / Max booster tube diameter 80/76 Ø mm
    Max bending radius 320 mm
    Min bending radius 30mm
    Max radius difference at level change 100 mm
    Effective max tool height 3 levels from tool plate to centre of pipe 300 mm
    Max tube dimension variable radius level 2. Minimum radius 6×D 63×1,5 Ø mm
    Max bend angle 194 degrees
    Max bend speed 0-160 degrees per second

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