Herber 310S tube bending machine

Herber 310S is optimized for tubes and profiles up to Ø51 mm. The design of the bending head is very rigid and all axis are programmable for fast setup of tooling. Maximum clearance around the bending head and Multi Radius gives you the possibility to produce the most demanding applications without intermediate tool changes. The user-friendly software simplifies the operators work. The touch screen (or keyboard) gives a clear overview of machine parameters, teach in function, simulation, process data and planning.

    All Electric
    All axis fully programmable
    Teach In function
    Multi Touch Screen
    Workflow logic programming
    Remote support and trouble shooting
    Laser scanner for safety

    Online connection with measuring and CAD system
    Weld seam detection and tube positioner electromagnetic or optical
    Free Radius forming
    Bed length extension
    Import of IGES and STP files

    Technical specifications/Herber  310 S / 710 S 310 S 710 S
    Capacity, Ø mm 38 x 1,7 mm 51 x 2 mm
    Radius, min/max 20/250 mm 30/250 mm
    Radius difference 90 mm 70 mm
    Bending speed/repeatability 360º/s. ±0,05° 200º/s. ±0,05°
    Length of mandrel 2000 – ∞mm 2000 – ∞mm
    Weight, kg 4000 kg 4500 kg
    Machine dimensions 3,8 × 1,4 × 1,5 m 4,0 × 1,6 × 1,5 m
    Tube rotation 0 – 360°/sec 0 – 360°/sec
    Length feeding  0 – 1 800 mm/sec  0 – 1 800 mm/sec
    Degree of Tolerance 0,05°/mm 0,05°/mm

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