Vertical machining and turning center UNISIGN UNICOM6000

UNISIGN UNICOM6000 Vertical machining and turning center

Automatic pallet changer for high uptime
Ideal for multi-tasking on complex components
Quality and productivity

The UNICOM6000 is a multi-task machining centre that combines quality and productivity. It is capable of performing milling, drilling and vertical turning operations with ease. This workhorse machine has the distinct advantage of a ram design that allows ‘plunging’ inside the component with short turning tools. It can be equipped with several machining heads, which are stored in designated pick-up stations. For horizontal machining operations, an indexable right angular head is available and to create even further flexibility, a universal head with B- and C-axis can be integrated. The automatic pallet changer reduces loading times and ensures a high uptime to boost productivity. Even with its focus on output, this machine makes no compromise on accuracy.

    Proven technology
    Every multi-tasking machine aims to deliver productivity – but it must not be at the cost of product quality. The Unicom 6000 is one of a long line of vertical machining centres that have been developed by Unisign over the past 30 years. The proven technology built into the milling spindle, the (universal) angular head and the carousel turning table is your guarantee of reliability for years to come.
    Powerful and smart
    The carousel turning station has a double drive system with gearbox creating extreme power and torque for turning while also being able to run in C-axis mode. Together with the powerful main spindle, the UNICOM6000 offers extreme capacity in all aspects. The machine’s ram design allows ‘plunging’ into components for inside operations and the use of short tools.
    Operating comfort and safety
    The UNICOM6000 is equipped with a fully enclosed guarding section and with fume extraction it creates an ergonomically safe and comfortable working environment. The ideal machine layout ensures an excellent view on all machining processes and gives easy access to the machining area and pallet changer. The UNICOM6000 comes standard with 2 pallets but more are optional. The pallets come in various sizes and can be used randomly. The components can be precisely aligned and centred on the pallet loading station, thus eliminating time-consuming measuring inside the machine. Pallets can be changed within 60 seconds.

    Pallet changer standard
    Right angular indexing head
    Universal indexing head
    Various turning tool adaptors
    In-process measuring

    Work area
    X-axis 1.950mm
    Y-axis 1.425 mm
    Z-axis 1.000/1.250 mm
    Vertical clearnance 1.300/1.550 mm
    Table size 1.250 – 1.800 ø mm
    Swing circle 2.000 ø mm
    Gear box driven spindle and values 54 kW
    6.000 min-1
    1.000 Nm
    Carousel turning station 70 / 95 kW
    25.000 / 38.000 Nm
    Tooling HSK100A / Capto C8
    Taper size
    Number of pockets # 80-202
    Tool change time 10 sec
    Rapid traverse 30.000 mm/min
    Feed Rate 5-30.000 mm/min

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