UNISIGN UNIPORT4000 Travelling Bridge CNC Machining Centre

Flexible all-rounder For OEMs in the metalworking industry flexibility is extremely important. This makes the Uniport 4000 the ideal gantry style machine for a whole range of applications, particularly for large and relatively flat components. This compact travelling bridge CNC machining centre is the smallest portal machine in our range and has a stationary machine bed and a movable bridge. The rigid construction and double cross rail ensure high stability. Options include split work zones for pendulum machining, an extra fast spindle for high-speed cutting, and more tool pockets.


    The Uniport 4000 can be tailor made to suit many different requirements by adding custom fixtures and rotary tables for example. The ratio of table size to costs is one of the best in the industry and means all our customer specific solutions offer excellent value for money. Each one is based on proven Unisign technology, backed up by over 40 years of experience.

    Dynamic features

    The 36 kW main spindle rotates at 12.000 rpm (option: 16.000 rpm) and features closed-loop cooling to provide high thermal stability. There is a double cross rail construction on the Y-axis for high rigidity, and electronic synchronised X-axes drives can be fitted to both sides to increase the rigidity even further. The working area of the large Y-axis can be extended to 3.500 mm.

    Easy to monitor

    The open bed design of the Uniport 4000 provides excellent chip flow as well as good visibility to help monitoring of the process. Automatic tool changes from the chain-type storage with 39 pockets are standard on the machine.

    Linear scales
    Pendulum mode
    Tool measuring and tool break via laser
    Siemens / Heidenhain
    Work area
    X-axis 2.000 – 20.000+ mm
    Y-axis 1.000 – 3.500 mm
    Z-axis 500 mm
    Vertical clearance 610 mm
    Width between column 1.050 – 3.550 mm
    Direct driven spindle 36/58 kW
    12.000/16.000 min-1
    180 / 135 Nm
    Taper size HSK63A / SK40
    Number of pockets # 39/78
    Tool change time 8 sec
    Rapid traverse up to 40.000 mm/min
    Feed Rate 5 – up to 40.000 mm/min

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