SP 280

KOVOSVIT SP 280 CNC lathe machine

Max. turning dia: 280 mm
Max. turning length: 550 mm
Max. Workpiece weight: 350 kg
Max.output S1 / S6 – 40%: 22/33 kW

The two machine sizes specified in the name by the maximum machining diameter (180 mm or 280 mm) allow for high productivity including right spindle machining.
Five technological versions for each machine size allow for the perfect choice of your technology from small-scale production to specialized mass production.
The solid base of the machine and the bed ensure high stiffness of the machine.
Deformations of mechanical components of machines are verified using numerical calculation methods – FEM.
Dynamics and stability of the axle movement are checked using modern calculation methods
Spindle units provide high machining efficiency.
The built-in spindle synchronous motors provide high spindle dynamics and efficient rotary C axis.
Line axle support, right headstock or tailstock travels on the track guide, providing high positioning accuracy and interpolated axle movement.
The rigidity of the three-axial version of the upper slide emphasizes the solution with the virtual motion of the Y1 axis, which consists of the interpolation of the real axes X1 and Y ‘including the angle of 30 degrees.
Programmable movement of the tailstock body reduces unnecessary tampering in the machining process
The choice of modern control systems SINUMERIK 840 sl, GE FANUC 0i and GE FANUC 30i guarantee excellent control and programming comfort.
Machines meet your expectations in terms of ease of use, including integrated workshop programming.

Through clamping cylinder (the left headstock)
Solid clamping cylinder (the right headstock)
The left and right spindle locking (motor spindle)
Direct measuring in axis X1
Absolute measuring of linear axes
Tool cooling – 7 bar
Tailstock incl. connection
Machine lighting
Tool kit
Technical documentation

Chucks A5, A6, A8
Special fixtures
Tool holders
High-pressure tool cooling – 17 bar with filtration
The left spindle locking (belt drive)
Fixture blowing – the right headstock
Ejector of parts in the right headstock
Parts catcher
Bar guide
Adaptation for bar feeder
Bar feeder
Manual rinsing
Vapour exhaustion from working space
Automatic tool check
Remote diagnostics
Chip conveyor incl. connection
Chip container with tank
Automatic door opening
Machine state signalling (beacon)
Lifting device

Technical dataSP 280SP 280 MCSP 280 YSP 280 SMCSP 280 SY
Working space
Swing dia. over bed570570570570570
Max. turning lengthmm565565565490490
Max. turning dia.mm280280280280280
Max. bar stock capacity – spindle with belt drivemmA6: Ø 63
Max. bar stock capacity – motor spindlemmA6: Ø 61A6: Ø 61A6: Ø 61A6: Ø 61
Axis travels
Axes X / Zmm245 / 640245 / 640245 / 640194 / 640194 / 640
Axis Ymm-50-50
The right headstock Zsmm725725
Rapid traverse
Axes X / Zmin-130 / 3030 / 3030 / 3030 / 3030 / 30
Main spindle
Belt drivemin-1A6: 4700
Motor spindle – max. speedmin-1A6: 4700A6: 4700A6: 4700A6: 4700
Counter spindle A5min-1A5: 6000A5: 6000
Tool head
Number of positions1212121212
Hole dia. VDImm4040404040
Max. speed of tool spindlemin-14000400040004000
Sleeve taper – MORSEMo 5Mo 5Mo 5
Spindle motor
Output S1 / S6 – 40%kWA6: 22 / 33
Max. torque S1 / S6 – 40%NmA6: 273 / 410
Motor spindle
Output S1 / S6 – 40%kW20,9 / 2720,9 / 2720,9 / 2720,9 / 27
Max. torque S1 / S6 – 40%Nm200 / 257200 / 257200 / 257200 / 257
Counter spindle
Output S1/ S6 – 40%kW7,5 / 97,5 / 9
Max. torque S1 / S6 – 40%Nm48 / 5748 / 57
Tool spindle
Output S3 – 40%kW8888
Max. torque S3 – 40%Nm40404040
Machine dimensions and weight
Length x width x heigthmm3875 x 2122 x 23453875 x 2122 x 23453875 x 2122 x 23453875 x 2122 x 23453875 x 2122 x 2345