KL 285

KOVOSVIT KL 285 Turning machining centre

Main features of the machine.
Bed structure – 60° from horizontal surface.
Electrical spindle A6 (Siemens).
Tool head (SAUTER VDI 40).
Linear guide (Schneeberger size 35).
Ball screws (NSK) – with nut cooling capability.
Hydraulic cylinder of the tailstock with admeasuring – setting the pressure on the control panel.
Possibility of using a ball screw with the tailstock – by reason of minimum clamping force.
Components spreading heat and noise placed in the rear of the machine.
Hydraulic unit with proportional valves – setting the pressure on the control panel.
Setting the position of the chuck jaws on the control panel.
Ball screw drives without a gear (motor, clutch, ball screw), ball screws used with lower pitch by reason of securing higher positioning precision.

Direct measurement in X1 axis
Manual airblast
Chucks A6 – KNCS-N
Tool measuring probe
Tool measuring probe – motorised
Tailstock with rotary bushing (tip Mo4)
Fixed centre Mo4
Automatic electric sliding of the working space cover
KL285 Super Precision
Chip conveyor – outlet in the rear of the machine
Tool head BMT 55
Tool head Direct drive (12,000 rpm) – VDI 30
Tailstock ball screw
Unit with frequency converter
Rotary tip of the tailstock Mo5

Technical specifications
Working spaceSwing diameter over bedmm670
Swing diameter above the slide restmm410
Max. turning diametermm340*
Standard turning diameter *mm285
Max. turning lengthmm550
Max. passage through main spindlemm65
Stroke in axis Xmm243
Stroke in axis Zmm610
AxesHigh-speed travels X and Zm/min30
Main spindleSpindle terminationA6
Max. revolutions min-1min-15,000
Torque moment S1 / S6 – 40%Nm200/257
Output S1/S6-40%kW21/27
Tool HeadNumber of positions12
Hole diameter VDImm40
Max. speed on the tool spindle min-1min-14500
Max. torque S1/S3-40% NmNm16/21
Output S1/S3-40%kW30.4/3.3
TailstockBore cone – MORSEM0 5
DimensionsL / W / Hmm2,755 x 1,752 x 1,900
Machine weightkg5900
* Standard cutter holder, external cutter ejected by 40 mm.