Laser cutting machine Durma HD-FO


The Durma laser cutting machine HD-FO stands out for its production efficiency, high quality materials and industrial design. Loading and unloading the material for laser cutting requires less effort when no changing table is required. The HD-FO laser cutting bench’s ease of use, low operating costs, quick-opening lid, easy access to the cutting area, compact design of the bridge and easy transport will increase your working efficiency in any field.

What are the advantages of the Durma HD-FO fibre laser?

  1. User-friendly
    The HD-FO laser cutting unit is a user-friendly machine. Its automated workflow saves you time. We know you need an efficient and easy-to-use laser cutting bench. If you’re looking for a machine that’s easy to use, the HD-FO laser cutter is the right choice for you.
  2. Low operating costs
    The HD-FO is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Durma’s advanced technology has been specifically developed to ensure low running costs. Your machine saves you energy costs as well as time and labour. The special design reduces the installation space of the machine to a minimum. To achieve this, the laser unit and the cooler are integrated into the machine.
  3. Quick opening front hatch
    This machine has been developed specifically for customers with space problems. Sheet loading and unloading is a breeze when no changing table is required. The quick-opening front hatch saves you time and energy. We know that time is of the essence in production, and saving time means more profit. The standard version is equipped with a manually operated cutting table. If you wish, you can use a pneumatic changing table as an option.
  4. Easy access to the cutting area
    Inserting, cutting and ejecting sheets requires less space and less work, allowing the machine to be kept compact. The cutting area is easily accessible via the service hatch on the rear of the machine.
  5. Fast packaging and delivery
    Durma will deliver your machine in a short time. The HD-FO laser cutter is specifically designed to enable fast packaging. Durma knows that ensuring your production continuity is vital. With the HD-FO, fast packaging and fast delivery are guaranteed.

    • Specifically designed that care about floor space
    • User Friendly
    • Low Operating Costs
    • Fast Movable Upper Cover
    • Easy Access To Cutting Area
    • Compact Bridge Design
    • Easy Transport

    Fiber lasers excel in terms of cutting speed and energy efficiency, especially compared to CO lasers. High-tech fibre lasers are easy to operate, maintain and service. The gear and linear motor drive technologies of DURMA fibre lasers enable 3G acceleration. Durma’s emphasis is on quality, performance and efficiency. DURMA fiber lasers are among the best in their field for rigid construction, ideal filtration system, compact design, efficiency and user-friendliness.

    Max sheet size 3.048 x 1.524 mm
    Max. sheet weight 200 kg/m²
    Z axis stroke 125 mm
    Max. Synchronous speed (X-Y) 141 m/dk.
    Max. Acceleration (X-Y) 14 m/s²
    Positional  Accuracy ±0.05 mm
    Repeatability ±0.05 mm
    Machine size 5308mm x 2810mm h= 1860mm 6582mm (with filter unit)
    Power 1kW 2kW
    Mild Steel (mm) 8 12
    Stainless Steel  (mm) 4 6
    Aluminum (AIMg3) (mm) 4 6
    Brass (mm) 4 6
    Copper (mm) 2 3
    Focus Distance 125 mm
    Focus Automatic /Manual
    Screen 19″ Touch panel

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