CO2 laser cutting machines and special solutions

Balliu laser cutting, welding and cladding machines and special solutions

Today, BALLIU MTC (Machine Tool Corporation) is an export-oriented (more than 90%) company with a professional sales and service department. Balliu designs and manufactures laser cutting machines for all kinds of applications and materials, be it the production of titanium frames for sunglasses or turbines for jet engines. The company has expanded its specialised skills from laser cutting to laser welding and cladding. The secret of Balliu’s success is its ability to integrate and adapt equipment to customer needs.

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    Laser cutting:

    Sheet material, tubes & 3D shape in all kinds of material (metal, plastic, wood, etc.). Very precise and fast.

    Laser welding:

    Joining metal with a minimum of heat addition and a minimum of thermal distortion.

    Combined cutting & welding:

    Combination of laser cutting and laser welding. Very precise and fast.


    Technique of depositing a hard and corrosion-resistant layer by melting it into the surface of a metal joint.


    Removing material from a solid surface by irradiating it with a laser beam.

    Material handling:

    Loading and unloading systems + integration into the clients automatic or semi-automatique production process.

    Fiber laser applications

    Fiber laser cutting & Fiber laser welding.

    Past products

    Sheet material cutting: CF, LC OG, …

    Tube cutting: Thin walled tubes

    Sheet & Tubes combined: CF RTX, LC RTX

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