IMET SIRIO 370 AF-E Automatic, vertical column circular saw

Automatic, vertical column circular saw; mitre cutting from 0° to 45° right (only semiautomatic cycle)and from 0° to 60° left.

  • Suited to cut high-resistance steel, the version with electronic Inverter widens the cutting possibilities, from stainless steel to brass and copper.
  • Primary transmission with pulleys and cogged belt, final reduction in oil bath with big-size bronze crown gear.
  • Vice with adjustable guides, free to move alongside the worktable, with quick motion and clamping; anti-burr adjustable device, pneumatic vertical vice.
  • Blade spindle with 40 mm diameter.
  • Electronic driver with programming of all operations by means of the keyboard, including setting of the start-cut and end-cut points; machine status shown on display.
  • Feeder with 200 mm opening, maximum stroke 520 mm,minimum stroke 4 mm (minimum scrap-end 170 mm); selection of the number of cuts (1-9999) and the feeder strokes (1- 29) by means of the keyboard.
  • Cutting capacity at 90 °, round till 120 mm., square till 100 mm., rectangular till 180×100 mm.

    Tron interior photo

    The PLC TRON controls all operational functions of the saw and provides information about the operating conditions of the machine (cutting time, blade speed, blade life, number of cuts made), complete with self-diagnostics for quick resolution of any problems encountered.

    SIRIO quick vice lever

    All circular saws mod. SIRIO have as standard transverse displacementof of the pneumatic front vice.

    SIRIO Feeder

    The feeder of the saw model SIRIO AF and AF-E-CN is mounted on a floating plate to adapt to the load of bars of material which is not perfectly straight. The movement is through an hydro pneumatic cylinder (AF-E) or through a toothed belt and motoreducer (AF-NC).

    SIRIO blade cleaning brush

    On all SIRIO models, nylon brushes are mounted to avoid damaging the cutting edge of the blade and to keep it always clean

    Minimal lubrication system OPTIONAL

    It is possible to require , for all Imet machines, the minimal lubrication system , it avoids the dispersion of refrigerant liquid typical in the use of emulsifiable oil, the life of the blade is not in any way affected.

    Electronic speed control ESC OPTIONAL

    The version with electronic Inverter widens the cutting possibilities, from stainless steel to light alloys.

    Sirio V-Jaws OPTIONAL

    With the application of the cast iron V-Jaws it is possible to cut a bundle of tubes, diameter 85 mm max.; provided with assembling kit.





    Connection element for loading table. Suitable for SIRIO 370 AF-E and AF-NC

    Vertical rollers RTS

    To be combined with roller RTS, if the bundle cutting device is required, it is advisable to apply these vertical rollers on the roller table to hold over the entire length of the beams material (up to 6 pairs every 2 meters in length).

    V- Rollers

    If the V-jaws are required , it is advisable to apply on the roller table a pair of V-rollers , we suggest 6 pairs maximum every 2 meters of roller table.

    Sirio 370 AF-E
    Area angular cut ° -45 / 90 / 30
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square / rectangular mm. 120 / 100 / 180 x 100
    Blade dimensions mm. 370
    Blade Motor Power KW 1.5 / 2.2 or 3 ESC
    Run feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 520
    Scrap end mm. 170
    Blade speed RPM 15/30 or 15 ÷ 70 ESC
    Capacity coolant tank Lt 40
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 1900 x 1450 x 2100
    Height of the work-table mm. 925
    Weight Kg 710
    Minimum cuttable length mm. 4
    Type of functioning semiautomatic/automatic
    Suitable for cutting: Steel / cast iron / high-strength steels

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