IMET VELOX 350 AF-NC CNC circular saw

Automatic CNC circular saw suited to cut aluminum light metal solids and profiles with high accuracy.

Possibility to set the machine for brass and copper profiles.

Mitre cutting from 0° to 45° left and right.

The head bends 45° on the vertical axis to allow inclined cuts.

Easy stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° left and right, hand-wheel to lock the head on all angles.

Electro-pneumatic functioning, hydraulic control of the down-feed speed of the head.

Programming of all operations by means of the CNC driver, including the setting of the cutting lengths (min 4 mm) with automatic feeder strokes.

Start-cut and end-cut points; machine status is shown on display, including blade speed, piece counter, total material length to cut; working anomalies and in different languages by means of the keyboard.

A feeder with a 200 mm opening, moving by an electronic motor with an inverter.

Minimum stroke 4 mm (minimum scrap-end 355 mm).

Up to 99 programs can be memorized, each one with different cutting lengths and a number of cuts.

Pair of front pneumatic vices with quick clamping, free to move alongside the worktable, vertical pneumatic vice.

Upper roller to cut more bars in a row.  Complete blade protection, able to connect chip suction plant.

The complete guard opens only when the blade is still. Fixed protection on the unloading side.

Floor stand with removable tank and chip collector, connection element to the unloading side.

Lubrication system with spray working only during the cut. Air filter/reducer/ lubrication group.

Main switch with minimum tension coil, emergency button, thermic and magnetic motor protection, motor absorption device, 24V low tension.

Programming of all operations by CNC control board easy to use complete of display that shows machine status and anomalies.

Cast iron head avoids vibrations. Additional vertical pneumatic vice guarantees perfect material locking.

Cutting capacity at 90 ° round till 120 mm., square till 105 mm. 200×80 mm.

*The modem for Industry 4.0, teleservice, and remote control is supplied as an optional.

    Vertical Cut VELOX

    The Velox circular Saws , in addition to the standard horizontal inclination from -45 ° to +45° have also the possibility to tilt the head vertically to 45 ° left.

    Display MAHLER

    On our circular saws models SIRIO 370 AF-350 AF-VELOX NC and NC, the control system has some tactile buttons and a large LCD display easy to read. Can store up to 99 cutting lines with different lengths and quantities and store up to 99 cutting programs.

    Velox V-Jaws

    With the application of the aluminum V-Jaws it is possible to cut a bundle of tubes, maximum diameter 85 mm.; provided with asssembling kit.

    Chips Aspirator Velox OPTIONAL

    Upon request a chips aspirator can be supplied to abate most of the chips produced during the cutting phase.

    Chips Aspirator Velox OPTIONAL

    Upon request a chips aspirator can be supplied to abate most of the chips produced during the cutting phase

    Bar Loader SLB 6 OPTIONAL

    Bar loader for automatic CNC saws Sirio 370 AF-NC and VELOX 350 AF-NC. Suited to cut tubes with size from 20 to 90mm (round), 80×80 (square) or solids up to 50mm diameter, of 6 mt. lenght. Working cycle: (04.) when a bar is cut, a device driven by pneumatic cylinder, lifts the bar in the line and place it in on the loading table; then a motorized rubber-coated wheel forwards it to the saw. After reaching the cutting point, the vices of the saw clamp the material, (03.) the motorized wheel lifts and the cutting cycle begins. (02.) Loading plane is 6mt. long and 750mm. wide with adjustable inclination. The structure includes welded metal profiles, wholly protected by safety guard made of punched metalsheet and tubes. On request, special device to load smaller bars, from 20 mm till 10 mm diameter.


    Roller tables RTS

    Roller tables with free rolls, to use for loading side and unloading side, made of an electrowelded steel structure in forms of 2 meters each, with 7 galvanized steel rolls (of PVC for Velox models), the first element is with two adjustable height pedestals , the following ones with single pedestal. They include plates of protection among the rolls to avoid crushing. The structure is completely closed to avoid dispersions of coolant.

    V- Rollers

    If the V-jaws are required , it is advisable to apply on the roller table a pair of V-rollers , we suggest 6 pairs maximum every 2 meters of roller table.


    VELOX 350 AF-NC
    Area angular cut ° -45/90/+45
    Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square / rectangular mm. 120 / 105 / 200×80
    Blade dimensions mm. 350
    Blade Motor Power KW 2.2
    Run feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 520
    Scrap end mm. 355
    Blade speed RPM 3600
    Capacity coolant tank Lt 40
    Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 1800x1450x1950
    Height of the work-table mm. 930
    Weight Kg 610
    Minimum cuttable length mm. 4
    Type of fucntioning semiautomatic/automatic CNC
    Suitable for cutting: Aluminium and light alloys

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