FL 400 / FL 600

Bystronic FL 400 /  600 laser

Maximum flexibility for tubes and profiles in the XXL format.

No limits in terms of diameter and format: The M4 series comprises processing systems for tubes and profiles with an outer diameter of up to 610 millimeters and a maximum length of 14 meters.

Outstanding cutting quality right up to high material thicknesses: The CO2 laser technology achieves excellent cutting edges with minimal scoring. This means that the cut parts can be processed further without reworking.

Versatile 3D technology: The 3D cutting head enables straight cuts as well as bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. This versatility eliminates the need for costly milling, drilling, punching, or sawing processes.

High level of dynamics: The heart of the M4 series consists of the three-dimensional “Sphera” system. This enables processing in any position with a high level of dynamics.

Shorter set-up times: Processing different diameters and cross-sections without having to change tools thanks to four self-centering chucks that ensure the precise movement of the workpiece along the processing axis.

Highest precision in spite of the irregularities of large workpieces: During processing, the FMS floating mounting system of the four self-centering chucks compensates for angle deviations in workpieces.

FL 400FL 600
Dimensions of tube and profile cross-sectionsØ 40 – 406 mmØ 89 – 610 mm
⨅ 300 x 300 mm max⨅ 400 x 400 mm max
Max. tube weight140 kg/m290 kg/m
Available unloading lengthsup to 14 mup to 14 m
Available loading lengthsup to 14 mup to 14 m
No. of chucks44
No. of controlled axes3033
Strokes of gantry system (X/Y/Z)2000/1200/800 mm2000/1500/980 mm
Max. linear chuck speed70 m/min60 m/min
Cutting head2 D – 3 D2 D – 3 D