Multifunctional IW


Durma IW 45 is capable of operating when high volume of work is required. 5 stations enable to make the production more efficient and it can be operated by one foot pedal.It is capable of punching, flat shearing, angle shearing, bar shearing and notching that makes it the perfect fit to serve you for your metalworking needs!

Designed with multi-functionality in mind to save labor force, time, energy and cost, DURMA ironworkers set the industry standard for reiablility, productivity and accuracy. Dual cylinder ironworkers are available in 55, 80, 100, 110, 150 165, 180 and 300-ton models.

    Punching Station

    Punching station is designed versatility in mind. The station of bolster plater, makes it possible to perform a wide range of punching. This includes the punching flat bar, flange, angle and channel. The station comes standard with quick change punch and die holders, as well as a swing away stripper. Also included x & y coordinate gauge stops. This feature is useful for repetitive work. At punch station different punching diameter, pipe notching and bending with pres brake attachment can be performed.

    Angle Shearing Station

    Angle Sheari Blades are four sided and easily installed and rotated. Easy adjustable hold down provides for proper clamping of the material while it is being shearedng Station.

    Flat Shearing Station

    An easily adjustable hold down ensures proper clamping of the plate. An entry feed table has adjustable guides and stops to make sure the material is accurately placed under the cutting blades. The blades are manufactured in such a way that allows cutting of a wide range of material thickness at a low rake angle and without the need for adjustment.

    Bar Shearing Stations

    Bar shearing station consists of square bar shearing, round bar shearing, touch and cut electrical back gauge. Also optional U Blade and optional I&T blades are available upon request.

    Notching Stations

    This station comes standard with rectangular notching baldes which allow side notching, therefore allowing nothing of unlimited widths. V-Notching blades can easily be installed and are available as an option. Other optional devices include tube notching. It is also possible to convert this station to a punching or bending station. A large feed and worktable with gauging stops helps speed up repetitive type of work and ease material handling.

    • Table for punching station
    • Durma punch & die holder
    • 1 starting set (Punch & Die)
    • Punch holder up to 28 mm (IW 45)
    • Punch holder up to 40 mm (IW 55/110-55/110 BTD-80/150-80/150-165/300)
    • Electrical backgauge (over 55 tons)
    • Manual backgauge for 36&45 to
    • Blades for flat steel station
    • Blades for angle cutting station
    • Blades for round and square bar cutting station
    • Illmunations (24V-220V)
    • 1 m. Manual backgauge (additional)
    • Electrical backgauge (over 1m.)
    • Gress pump
    • Special colour
    • Overseas special packaging
    Iron Worker Series Technical Details
    IW Series
    Punching PressurePunching Capacity (DiameterxThickness)Throat DepthStroke LenghtCycles /Min. (15mm. Stroke)Cycles /Min. (20mm. Stroke)Table Size (WxD)</tLargest Hole>Single Vee Press Brake (W xT)Multi-Vee Press Brake (W xT)Pipe Notching1) A min-max for NPUMaximum S-Maximum ØD(Accor DIN 997)2) A min-max for NPUFlat Bar (max. thickness)Flat Bar (max. width)Blade LenghtAngle Frame TrimAt 90° ShearingAt 90° Shearing width slight deformationAt 45° Miter ShearingRound Bar ShearSquare Bar ShearU Profile ShearT Profile ShearI Porfile ShearMaterial ThicknessRectangular Notcher (Width)Rectangular Notcher (Depth)Vee-Notcher (SidexSidexT)Triangular Notching Material ThicknesTriangular Notching Width V90Triangular Notching DepthMotor PowerOil CapacityWeightMachine Dimension (LxWxH)Working Height
    PUNCHINGFlat ShearingAngle ShearingBar ShearingNotchingGeneral information
    IW 454527×13 18X181602120450×160100×3200×13300×1030580x80x1080x80x8100x100x1030307405040x40x7475753338701460x1400x16201010
    IW 55/1105540×10 20X202506037550×250160×2250×10500×51/2″-2″120-26010-Ø25100-240200×20300×1530560x60x8120x120x1070x70x720-4020-401205012010429042x42x10695955,57612501480x1800x17301080
    IW 55/110 BTD5540×10 20X205106037550×510160×2250×10500×51/2″-2″120-26010-Ø25100-240200×20300×1530560x60x8120x120x1070x70x720-4020-401205012010429042x42x106125955,57616601980x1800x17301088
    IW 80/1508040×14 24X243007038550×300160×3300×10600×61/2″-2″120-40014-Ø28100-320300×20450×1547580x80x10130x130x1370x70x745451406014012529052x52x12695125117622502025x1780x27001195
    IW 80/150 BTD8040×14 24X245107038550×510160×3300×10600×61/2″-2″120-40014-Ø28100-320300×20450×1547580x80x10130x130x1370x70x745451406014012529052x52x136125125117625002120x2025x17801195
    IW 110/180 BTD11040×20 28X286108028550×610160×5300×10600×81/2″-2″140-40014-Ø28100-320400×20600×15605100x100x12152x152x1370x70x750501606016013529052x52x126125125157636002560x2550x17901260
    IW 165/300 BTD16540×30 34X346109031750×510160×7415×12835×81/2″-2″120-40014-Ø28100-32400×30750×20765120x120x12205x205x1870x70x7606020080200165811058x58x1101251252215080003230x1100x22801110