UNISIGN UNIPORT 6000 – HV Five Axis Portal CNC Machining Centre

True flexibility The HV (horizontal/vertical) variant of the Uniport 6000 is a truly cost-effective choice for 5-axis machining of large components. In addition to its generous daylight opening, the Uniport 6000-HV features a tilting nutator head. This can travel through an angle of 100°, going from a vertical plane to 10° over the horizontal, making it possible to adopt even the most extreme machining angles. Coupled with outstanding price/performance, this compact portal machine is a must if you’re looking for true flexbility.

    Affordable perfomance

    The Uniport 6000-HV with its 2-axis nutator head has a host of productivity features that make it a truly flexible machining centre. What sets it apart is the large horizontal and vertical opening, which makes it possible to machine extremely big parts on a compact portal machine. And that translates into an amazing price/performance ratio from an affordable solution.

    Any angle

    Able to machine any angle or plane without restriction, this machine with its 2-axis head and cross slide construction is a well thought-out concept that has been developed using proven technology. The drive for the continuously variable B-axis and C-axis is cooled to enhance thermal performance, maintaining accurate positioning. The high speed motor spindle and rapid traverse (40.000 mm/min) give it outstanding dynamic properties.

    Full view

    The Uniport 6000-HV incorporates a travelling platform with an operator cabin fixed to the right hand column. This makes it easy for operators to ride along safely and keep the machining process in full view. When the time comes to change workpieces, the low step makes getting on to the table extremely easy. The work area is flexible too, with the option to use the entire space for one large piece, or to adopt pendulum machining with the two stations separated by a screen.

    Operator platform
    Pendulum mode
    Tool measuring and tool break via laser
    Siemens / Heidenhain

    Work area
    X-axis4.000 – 20.000+ mm
    Y-axis2.500 – 6.000 mm
    Z-axis1.500 / 1.800 mm
    Vertical clearance1.700 / 2.000 mm
    Distance spindle nose to table vertical position200 – 2.000 mm
    Distance spindle nose to table horizontal position190 – 1.950 mm
    Width between columns1.500 – 4.000 mm
    Nutator head with motor spindle63/82 kW
    8.000/15.000 min-1
    550/391 Nm
    Taper sizeHSK100A
    Number of pockets# 38-159
    Tool change time12 sec
    Rapid traverse40.000 mm/min
    Feed Rate5-40.000 mm/min
    Speed B- and C-axis15.000 min-1