VARNSDORF GRATA Floor type horizontal boring mill

The newest product of floor type horizontal boring mills of TOS VARNSDORF a.s.
Machine for precise coordinate milling, drilling and thread cutting which is particularly suitable for the machining of box-, plate- and complex- shape workpieces made of cast iron, cast steel, steel or other materials, and for large and weighty components.
Machine can be extended with a wide selection of technological accessories that significantly widen the machine technological utility value.
Either SINUMERIK 840D SL or HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 control system can be selected for controlling the machine.

    The GRATA fl oor-type machine tools are designed for precise line-coordinate milling, drilling, boring, milling and thread cutting. They are particularly suitable for machining of box- and plate-type workpieces and complicated workpieces from cast-iron, steel cast-iron, steel and other machinable materials, mainly large as well as the largest sizes and weights. The machines are equipped with an extensible toolholding slide, which can be fi tted with a broad range of additional devices that signifi cantly enhance the machine‘s potentialities. The machines are suitable for series manufacture as well as demanding technological applications. They are continuously controlled in three basic coordinates (X, Y, Z) or other axes according to the used special equipment by the machine‘s control system.

    Basic version

    Machine with automatic tool change

    Machines are controled in 4 axex (X, Y, Z and V – rotary table)

    Headstock with spindle extension

    Headstock wth miling heads (see page 64)

    Termination of the RAM with an interface for application of the technological devices.
    RAM sizemm (in)500 x 500 (19.6850 x 19.6850)
    Main motor speed range1/min10 – 5 000
    Main motor power (at permanent operation of S1)kW (HP)37 (50.3)
    Torque on the driving shaft (S1)Nm (ft lb)1 584 (1168.3)
    Column longitudinal travel Xmm (in)5 000 – 25 000 (196.8503 – 984.2519) in steps of    2 000 mm
    Headstock vertical travel Ymm (in)1 600, 2 000, 2 500, 3 000 (62.9921, 78.7401, 98.4251, 118.1102)
    RAM stroke Zmm (in)1 500 (59.0551)
    Range of feeds (working and rapid traverse ) – X, Ymm/min (ipm)1 – 25 000 (0.0393 – 984.2519)
                                                                                    – Zmm/min (ipm)1 – 15 000 (0.0393 – 590.5511)