Heavy-duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine TL350 II SERIES

Heavy-duty Tube Laser Cutting Machine 3000W-6600W

    Four Pneumatic Chucks

    Φ325mm Round Tube

    Weight of Single Tube 600kg

    Cut up to 12000mm Entire Tube

    HSG-X9800 Intelligent Control System

    As the fifth generation, HSG-X9800 is specially developed for our four chucks and emerges as the first system aimed at four chucks in China, as thus, cutting of real 0 tailing has come true.

    • 21.5-inch Touch Screen
    • Built-in tube graph database, no programming required
    • Create cutting records and reports automatically
    • Show special-shaped tube graphs and routes in a more intuitive way
    • Enter its program by clicking anywhere

    Four Pneumatic Chucks

    With automatic centering and big clamping force, the chucks can maintain an easy and steady clamping of heavy tube.

    Optional 3D Five-axis Cutting Head, 45° Bevel

    • Self-developed by HSG Laser
    • Angle of swingable axis ±160°
    • OD motor with up to 3600°/s acceleration and ±/-6.1’’ precision
    • Protect itself from any possible collision thanks to its equipped electromagnetic coupling anti-collision device

    Side-attached Machine Bed

    The machine is outfitted with side-attached machine bed that is convenient for loading and unloading heavy tube, during that process, machine bed and guide rails are not destroyed by collision.

    Automatic Loading & Unloading System

    The machine only needs to be operated by 1 worker while loading heavy tube. Loading is in syn with unloading, without any unnecessary shutdown and tubes will not collide with each other, preventing deformation.