Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Laser cutting of pipes and profiles

Nordcity Center offers laser cutters from three manufacturers for laser cutting of pipes and profiles – DURMA fiber lasers, BALLIU CO2 and fiber lasers and HSG LASER CO2 and fiber lasers.

Fiber laser pipe cutting is specially designed for companies with very high demands on accuracy, speed and automation. Fully automatic loading and unloading requires less effort from the operator and saves a lot of time. The advanced technology of fiber lasers gives a great advantage because the devices are easy to use and maintain. In addition, fiber laser technology combines the unique advantages with the versatility of 3D cutting. Rack & Pinion and Linear Motor Motion technologies enable 3G acceleration.

The advantage of CO2 laser technology is excellent cutting quality, considerably softer cutting edges. In addition to straight edges, the 3D cutting head also enables cuts of up to 45 degrees. A big advantage of CO2 is the possibility of cutting different materials – glass, plastic, composite, etc. in addition to steel.

CO2 laser technology is older and fiber lasers are rapidly taking over the market with the development of technologies hand in hand. The advantage of speed of operation, almost half the operating costs and three to four times the throughput of CO2 lasers give fiber lasers a huge advantage. The financial benefits of using fiber lasers can be game-changing for a business. However, it is worth remembering that CO2 lasers are cheaper than fiber lasers and may be suitable for smaller production volumes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about CO2 or fiber lasers and we will find the best possible device for your company, which takes into account the company’s production volumes and other important aspects.

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