Gas and plasma cutters

How does a gas cutter work?

The gas cutting process is relatively simple – in its most basic form, a gas cutter is a nozzle that directs both a primary stream of oxygen and several secondary streams of oxygen and gas combinations that act as fuel.

The metal to be processed is first preheated with a combination of gas and oxygen (to approximately 700-900 degrees, known as the “burn” temperature). In this condition, the metal component is not hot enough to melt, but still ductile enough for the cutting process to take place.

After heating the piece of metal in question, the nozzle first directs a stream of oxygen onto the heated piece, causing a chemical reaction between the metal and the oxygen. As a result, iron oxide is formed, which is immediately blown away by the same flow of oxygen, allowing the tip to start cutting the metal.

How does a plasma cutter work?

Plasma cutting is a melting process in which a stream of ionized gas above 20,000°C is used to melt and remove material from the cut. During the process, an electric arc is struck between the electrode (cathode) and the working components (anode). The electrode is a water- or air-cooled gas nozzle that causes a focused, high-temperature, high-speed plasma flow.

When the plasma stream hits the workpiece, recombination occurs and the gas returns to its normal state, while releasing intense heat. This heat melts the metal and the gas flow drives the scrap metal out of the cut. Plasma gases are usually argon, argon/hydrogen or nitrogen.

Nordcity Center sells metal gas cutters and plasma cutters for sheet metal as well as pipe and profile processing. There are many CNC plasma cutters and gas cutters to choose from. We want to find the best possible device for your business to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us!

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