Cutters for pipe and profile processing

Nordcity Center offers gas and plasma cutters for pipe and profile processing from two well-known manufacturers HGG and AJAN.

HGG is one of the leading vendors of 3D profiling* equipment in the world. With its wide range of products, HGG can offer excellent solutions for the shipping, energy sector, construction and industry. All kinds of metal structures are prepared with high-precision 3D equipment.

* 3D profiling is an automated process for cutting three-dimensional shapes on metal pipes, beams and other profiles. The equipment prepares profiles to form welded joints. Although 2D profiling can be used to cut flat bars and plates, 3D profiling is only suitable for cutting three-dimensional shapes. 3D profiling thereby helps to create a precise spatial fit for durable welded joints.

* 3D profiling is performed by a robotic arm attached to a gas or plasma cutting nozzle. Such a profiling process helps to avoid material distortions such as bent beams or distorted pipes. Flawless results are achieved by combining laser measurement systems and smart technical solutions.

AJAN gas and plasma cutters. 40 years of experience in electronics has made AJAN probably the most reliable manufacturer of gas and plasma cutters in the world, able to independently manufacture all its own machine components. The selection includes products for both small and large manufacturers. The prices of equipment and consumable parts are low because AJAN manufactures the equipment entirely by itself. In addition, the manufacturer has pointed out that all benches that have been in operation since the beginning (including 40 years old) and have been properly maintained are still working.

If you have any questions about gas and plasma cutters for pipe and profile processing, feel free to contact our specialists. Together we will find a suitable solution for your company.

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