AD-R – hydraulic



AD-R Series press brakes, perfectly equipped for sensitive bending, energy efficient solutions

With its easy to use control units, rigid body frame, perfect design, high efficiency, multiple tool usage solutions, top level CE safety standards and with its suitable price range, AD-R is the World leader in its category. Perfectly equipped for sensitive bending, energy efficient solutions.

Our machines are designed in accordance with Ce-Norms to ensure your safety with hydraulic, electric, appropriate height covers and laser light curtains. CE safety in tandem machines are also provided with light barriers.

AD-R Series Press Brake today, tomorrow and forever with you.

    High sensitivity,
    Stress relieved steel construction body, long life
    Mono Block Frame
    Automatic calibration and first start up
    DURMA designed and copyrighted guiding system
    Ball Screw and linear guide integrated perfect back gauge system
    Durable, long life and sensitive bending capable special hardened top tools
    Suitable for segmented tools special and fast tool holding system
    Sensitive solutions on Long and deep bending
    High accuracy linear scales
    CE safety standards
    Best quality world wide accepted hydraulic and electric components

    Y1, Y2, X, -3- Axis
    Control Unit – CNC DT15 Touch screen 2D graphic (Remote Control)
    Back gauge – motorised & linear guide & ball bearing system
    Manually adjustable R axes
    European Clamping system
    Sliding sheet support Arms with T-Channel and Tilting stop
    Special designed – world-class hydraulics blocks & valves
    World-class electrical equipment
    Manuel crowning system

    Control Unit – ModEva 19T
    Control Unit – CNC DA 58T
    Control Unit – CNC DA 66T R Axis CNC
    R CNC Axis [X=650 mm X,R (AL double guide) ]
    R CNC Axis [X=650 mm X,R,Z1 , Z2 (AL double guide) ]
    European style top tool
    European style bottom tool
    Bottom tool Durma
    Quick Release Clamping
    CNC controlled Motorized Crowning
    Back gauge 1000 mm – Back protection with Light barrier
    Oil Cooler – Oil Heater
    Additional Finger blocks & Sliding front arms
    Overseas special packaging
    DBEND 3D Bending arrengement and simulation software

    AD-R Series Techical Details
    Working SpeedX Axes Distance
    AD-R SeriesBending ForceBending LengthDistence Between ColumnsStrokeDaylightThroat DepthTable HeightTable WidthY Rapid SpeedY Working SpeedY Return SpeedX Axes Working SpeedR Axes Working DistenceR Axes Working Distence   (Options for R Axis Motor)6507501000Motor PowerLengthWidthHeightWeight Approx.
    AD-R 1260601250105016040035090010420010110500140250S˗O7,52500190028004400
    AD-R 2060602050170016040035090010420010110500140250S˗O7,53200177028805420
    AD-R 251001002550220026553045090010418010120500140250S˗O113800177028807400
    AD-R 301001003050260026553045090010418010120500140250S˗O114200180028908000
    AD-R 301351353050260026553045090010416010120500140250S˗O154200180028909170
    AD-R 301751753050260026553045090010416010100500140250S˗O18,542501800289010520
    AD-R 302202203050260026553045090010414010140500140250S˗O2248001850295012250
    AD-R 303203203050260036563045090015416010140500140250S˗O3741001900323017260
    AD-R 371751753700310026553045090010414010100500140250S˗O18,548001800290011860
    AD-R 372202203700310026553045090010416010120500140250S˗O2248001850295014100
    AD-R 401751754050360026553045090010416010140500140250S˗O18,551001800290012750
    AD-R 402202204050360036553045090010416010140500140250S˗O2251001850295015000
    AD-R 403203204050360036563045090015416010140500140250S˗O3753001910295020040
    AD-R 404004004050340026563051010501541408120350140250˗SO3757502110364025000
    AD-R 6022022060505100365530450110015414010120350140250˗SO2275001770335021760
    AD-R 6032032060505100365630450110015414010120350140250˗SO3775001910355028000
    AD-R 604004006050510036563051012201541208110350140250˗SO3775002110381034200