Herber 350RL Right-Left tube bender

Herber presents the next model in the highly appreciated Herber RL concept, the 350RL Right-Left tube bender for up to 40 mm OD. The 350RL is developed in Sweden in close cooperation with leading tube bending companies.
The 350RL is setting new standards in advanced tube bending industry within automation, flexibility, ease of use and productivity on tube diameters up to 25 mm.
The 350RL is the most productive machine of its kind on the market today. Herber 350 RL is available with “integrated automation” where the machine load, bend and unload the bent product on its own. Simply a clever solution for easy automation and higher output!

    The 350 RL is the fastest left and right hand bender in its class. It is all-electric, which minimizes maintenance costs, energy consumption and sound level. The lack of oil greatly reduces the environmental impact and the heat generated. It also allows for fewer components in the build to improve the serviceability and long term operating costs of the machine. The user-friendly software simplifies the operator’s work. The touch screen (or keyboard) gives a clear overview of machine parameters such as speeds, detector status, shaft positions and tube data. The 350 RL is a tube forming machine with very high precision, high performance and work envelope for achieving the highest amount of flexibility

    Combination of left and right hand bending capability
    Automatic tube clamping in collet
    Laser scanner for the safety of the operator
    Programmable tube clamping support die setting
    Fully programmable positioning and force of clamp die and pressure die
    Helical geared rack and pinion for quiet movement and accuracy
    Remote troubleshooting and support
    Possibility to pick/leave tubes from integrated magazine loader with bending head
    Electrical servo axis
    Programmable position for the collet in front of the bending center line for ease of autoloader integration

    Online connection with CAD system and
    measuring machine
    Automatic tube magazine with free
    programmable robot or loading arm
    Weld seam detector and tube positioner
    electromagnetic or optic detection
    Free radius bending
    Simulation/Collision Control
    Bed length extension

    Technical specifications/Herber  350 RL
    Capacity, Ø mm 40 x 1,5 mm
    Radius, min/max 20/160 mm
    Radius difference 140 mm
    Bending speed/repeatability 370º/s. ±0,05°
    Length of mandrel 2000 – ∞mm
    Weight, kg 4400 kg
    Machine dimensions 4,3 × 1,1 × 1,6 m
    Tube rotation 0–600°/sec
    Length feeding Standard 0–1 800 mm/sec Booster 0–1 000 mm/sec
    Degree of Tolerance 0,05°/mm
    Bending head rotation 180°/sec