Bending machines

Metal bending is the process of changing the shape of a metal pipe or sheet metal by applying force to it. The application of force causes the component to bend at a specific angle, resulting in the desired shape, often a “V” or “U” shape. A press brake is a tool that is used to bend a sheet of metal and in doing so, stamping and forging are used. While it may seem obvious to stop a machine, maintaining accuracy throughout the process can be difficult. There are several different types of bench press brakes that apply different levels of force to the component. For example, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and CNC.

Mechanical bending machine

Due to this brake design on the bench press, it is not a suitable choice for air bending. The two main advantages of a mechanical machines are speed and accuracy, but other equipment is safer and easier to use, such as CNC machines.

Pneumatic bending machine

In this device, a compressor is used to supply the air flow. A pneumatic press brake is often used when less pressure is required. The machine is also best used for processing small metal parts.

Hydraulic bending machine

Hydraulic machines often use the latest technology and are best suited for precise bending of sheet metal, making hydraulic machines a popular choice for bending sheet metal and tubing.

CNC bending machine

These machines give very precise results and can process metal plates and pipes of very different thicknesses and sizes. In addition, CNC machines do not particularly require the presence of a person and so much knowledge of the machine’s working principles, as a CNC bending machine does most of the work automatically.

Nordcity offers bending machines for sheet metal as well as for pipe and profile processing. Explore our selection and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will help you find the best possible bending machine for your company, which would suit the company’s work volumes and other important factors.

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